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Journal of superhard materials
Instrumentalny Svit

Journal of Superhard Materials 1, 2000

Special issue

of the Scientific Seminar on Physicochemical and
Mechanical Properties of Diamond
Ukraine, Kiev 2125 June, 1999






Bogatyreva G. P., Nevstruev G. F., and Ilnitskaya G. D. Magnetic properties of finely dispersed diamond powders


Alfer S. A., Bulgak I. A., Makovetskaya L. A., and Shipilo V. B. An ecologically acceptable method for recovery of synthetic diamond powders and removing impurities from them


Oleinik G. S., Yarosh V. V., Danilenko N. V., and Balan T. R. Effect of the shock pretreatment of the initial diamond powder on the formation of the microstructure of a diamond-base polycrystalline material


Bogatyreva G. P., Marinich M. A., Katsay M. Ya., Gvyazdovskaya V. L., Bazaliy G. A., and Oleinik N. A. Physicochemical properties of diamond synthesized from modified secondary graphite


Andreev V. D., Malik V. R., and Podzyarei G. A. Symmetry of a diamond lattice in a coordination sphere space


Koptil V. I. and Zinchuk N. N. Typomorphic features of diamonds from some kimberlite bodies of a complex geological structure


Nachalnaya T. A., Malogolovets V. G., Podzyarei G. A., Nikitin Yu. I., Novi-
kov N. V., and Polkanov Yu. A.
Structure features and physico-mechanical properties of natural diamonds from Ukraine


Kulakova I. I., Gubarevich T. M., Dolmatov V. Yu., and Rudenko A. P. Chemical properties of detonation-synthesized ultradispersed diamonds


Samsonenko N. D., Zon V. Sh., Samsonenko S. N., and Selskaya I. V. Temperature effects in EPR of some impurity and structural defects in natural diamonds


Ositinskaya T. D., Tkach V. N., and Bogatyreva G. P. Irradiation-induced structure development in type Ia diamond


Andreev V. D. Theory of abnormal properties of diamond at T > 2000 K


Nozhkina A. V., Kolchemanov N. A., Kardanov A. A., and Dyatkov P. Ya. Physicochemical properties of dynamically synthesized diamond


Dalmatov V. Yu. and Burkat G. K. Detonation-synthesized ultradispersed diamonds as a basis of a new class of composite metal-diamond electroplated coatings


Petasyuk G. A. Computer-aided system of construction and analysis of empirical mathematical models of the interrelation between parameters of synthetic diamond powder properties


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Journal of Superhard Materials 6, 2018

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