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About V.Bakul Institute for Superhard materials NAS Ukraine

 V. Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is a large European science and technology center. The Institute is engaged in the development of processes for production and application of synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride and other superhard materials, high-density high-tech ceramics, and cemented carbides. We deal also with manufacturing structural products and tools of the above materials.
The expertize of our highly skilled specialists in cooperation with partners in Europe and throughout the world provides for a continuous improvement of technological developments and advances in researches in the field of diamond. The developments of the Institute facilitate manufacture of high-quality products. In 1998 the Institute was awarded with the Arch of Europe golden medal for its international contacts and quality products.
The Institute`s activity is associated with perspective research and scientific developments aimed at manufacturing highly-scientificated products and opening new ways to use them in machine-building, construction, mining, electronic, optic and medical industries. We invite researchers, manufacturers, investors, and businesspersons to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation and fruitful work in the science and technology section of the Ukrainian economics. We would be sincerely grateful for the interest and proposals.

The ISM performs fundamental researches and science and technology developments in the following directions:

  • investigations into physicochemical processes of making monocrystalline, disperse and film-like superhard materials over a wide range of temperatures and pressures, development of novel process of production ceramic and composite materials and products made of them;
  • studies of physical, chemical and mechanical properties of new superhard materials;
  • development of efficient tools, wear-resistant coatings and components of superhard materials and processes of their production;
  • advancement of scientific principles of the development of efficient processes of machining metals and non-metallic materials with SHM tools as well as methods and processes of applications of SHM, including the use in designs of machine components and devices of a new generation;
  • development of methods of process optimization and controlling quality and performance of workpices.

Application profile

At the Institute-established enterprises on the basis of the Institute’s developments, the following products of superhard materials are manufactured:

  • grains, micron and submicron powders of synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) of various types, sizes and having different physico-mechanical properties;
  • cutting, grinding and polishing tools for machining metals, ceramics, natural stones, reinforced concrete, glass, semiconducting materials, and woods;
  • tools for minerals and oil and gas drillings;
  • polycrystalline plates of different shapes and up to 40 mm in diameter for cutting materials, including those used as inserts for cutter-loaders;
  • high-strength impact ceramic materials;
  • novel processes are being developed of superprecision machining of metals, ceramics, components of optical and electronic devices, as well as of deposision of protective wear-resistant coatings.

Director of the Institute, Member of the NAS of Ukraine, Prof. TURKEVICH Vladimir Zinovievich, Dr. Sci. (Chem.)
phone: +380-44-468-86-32
Deputy director of research, Prof. KLIMENKO Sergei Anatolievich, Dr. Sci.
phone: +380-44-468-86-23
Scientific Secretary SMOKVYNA Volodymyr Vitalievich, Cand. Sci.
phone: +380-44-467-66-42


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Polishing tools "Aquapol"
Silicon carbide packing rings
Grinding two-layer circles from Superhard materials
Diamond sticks on metallopolymer base for high-productive honing
Dressing tool of the new generation "ALTEX"
Scalpels from ZrO2, facet pattern
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V.Bakul Institute for Superhard materials NASU UKRAINE, 2, Avtozavodskaya Str., Kiev, 04074 Tel/fax (+38 044) 468-86-32; 468-86-25 -mail: