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Journal of superhard materials



Created in 1996 on the initiative of the director of the Institute of Superhard Materials Academician M.V. Novikov and Igor Sikorsky NTUU KPI.

Main areas of cooperation:

  • training the senior students at ISHM;
  • implementation of practical and laboratory work;
  • implementation of joint research work;



Devin 4.jpg

Head - Leonid DEVIN, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Graduated in 1974 from Zhdaniv Metallurgical Institute (now Azov State Technical University, Mariupol). Mechanical engineer. In 1981 he defended his PhD thesis "Study of hard alloys and superhard materials fracture toughness in a wide range of deformation rates".

 In 1996 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Predicting the reliability of cutting tools made of hard alloys and polycrystalline superhard materials."

Member of the special council of ISHM NAS of Ukraine and the editorial board of the magazine "Superhard Materials", Allerton Press, Springer.

tel:(044) 430-82-45, mob. +38-097-2248607 e-mail: or


Winner of the State Prize of Ukraine 2006 in the field of science and technology. Awarded: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - "For training scientific staff" and "For professionalism"; Academy of Pedagogical Sciences – “Ushinsky K.D.” award.

Teaches disciplines: "Special technologies of creation and properties of superhard materials tool" and "Methods of the cutting tool efficiency predicting"


Other teachers:

Methodical materials of the center

  1. Novikov NV, Devin LN, Stakhniv NE Teaching special subjects to senior students at the training center "Institute of Superhard Materials-NTUU KPI". Instrumental World, 2015, 1-4 (61-64) ¬— P. 112 - 117. (Russian)
  2. Devin LN, Novikov NV Experience in teaching special subjects for senior students at the training center "Institute of Superhard Materials - NTUU (KPI)". The latest technologies in mechanical engineering: metalworking, tools, renovation // Collection of scientific papers / Editor. Samotugin SS and others - Mariupol: PDTU, 2010, Issue 2. - P. 14 - 24. (Russian)

Center equipment:

  • device for measuring impact strength with Hopkinson measuring bars;
  • device for measuring the modulus of elasticity and internal friction;
  • ultrasonic and eddy current detectors;
  • sensors and equipment for measuring acoustic emission signals;
  • roughness and undulation measuring instruments;
  • automated stand for the study of the efficiency of cutters for precision machining.

Measured characteristics:

  • dynamic strength and fracture toughness of ceramics and superhard polycrystals;
  • energy (work) fracture of impact-resistant ceramics;
  • dynamic modulus of elasticity and logarithmic decrement of oscillations;
  • internal and surface defects of powder metallurgy products;
  • amplitude-frequency characteristics of acoustic emission signals during fracture, wear and machining processes;
  • indicators of surface quality for machine working;
  • forces, vibrations, acoustic emission and temperature during difficult-to-machine materials cutting.

Our developments

The Scientific and Educational Center developes and uses methods for measuring the Modulus of elasticity, speed of sound, logarithmic decrement of vibrations of composite materials, as well as the strength under dynamic loading of small samples by means of Hopkinson-Kolsky measuring rods.

An automated unite based on a lathe was created, which is capable to measure the temperature in the cutting zone, the components of the cutting force, vibration parameters, acoustic emission signals during cutting, as well as the roughness and waviness of the processed surface.

Optimization of the technology of using diamond tool materials in the processing of copper, aluminum and titanium alloys, drilling of carbon and fiberglass with original drills made of diamond-hard alloy plates, and fine turning of non-ferrous alloys with diamond single crystals was carried out. Studies of the effect of cutting modes on the performance of cutters made of composites based on cubic boron nitride during fine turning of hardened and 15 steels were carried out.

The physical and mechanical properties of impact-resistant boron carbide ceramics were investigated.

Main publications:

  1. Devin, L.N., Rychev, S.V. The correlation model of acoustic emission in fine diamond turning, Journal of Superhard Materials, 2017,vol.39, No 1, pp. 41-48. DOI: 10.3103/S1063457617010051
  2. Devin, L.N. and Grechuk, A.I. and Lupkin, B.V. Drilling of Composites Using Tools of Polycrystalline Superhard Materials, Journal of Superhard Materials, 2018 vol. 40 No 1, pp. 8-64/ DOI: 10.3103/S1063457618010094
  3. Hrechuk A., Johansson D, Bushlya V., Devin L. R. , Ståhl J-E, Application of Colding tool life equation on the drilling fiber reinforcement polymers, Procedia Manufacturing, vol. 25, Elsevier ; 2018, 8, pp.635-642. DOI: 10.1016/j.promfg.2018.06.087
  4. The Influence of Surface Roughness of Cutting Inserts Made of Diamond–Tungsten Carbide Composite on Cutting Forces and Machining Quality in Turning Aluminum Alloys and Brass. Devin, L.N., Stakhniv, N.E., Mel’niichuk, Y.A. Journal of Superhard Materials, 2018, 2 pp. 131-137. DOI: 10.3103/S1063457618020089
  5. Lightweight ceramics based on aluminum dodecaboride, boron carbide and self-bonded silicon carbide. Prikhna T.A., Barvitskyi P.P., Maznaya A.V., Muratov V.B., Devin L.N. and other. Ceramics International– 2019, Vol.45. - P. 9580-9588. DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2018.10.065
  6. Devin L. N. Peculiarities of Determining the Physico-Mechanical Characteristics of Brittle Materials on Small-Sized Specimens. Strength of Materials, 50, (2018), P. 909–917. DOI: 10.1007/s11223-019-00039-y
  7. Devin, L.N. and Stakhniv, N.E. and Antoniuk, A.S. and Rychev, S.V. and Nechiporenko, V.N. The Influence of Cutting Speed on Cutting Temperatures and Forces in Fine Turning of VT1-0 Titanium Alloy by a PCD Tool, Journal of Superhard Materials, 2019, vol.41, No 2, pp.119-125.  DOI: 10.3103/S1063457619020072
  8. Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Impact-Resistant Ceramics under Static and Dynamic Loading/Devin, L.M.Prikhna, T.O.Barvitskyi, P.P., Prisyazhnaya, E.V.Lokatkina, A.S., - Journal of Superhard Materials, 2021, 43(3), pp. 151–165 DOI: 10.3103/S1063457621030023
  9. An Axial Force during Drilling of Carbon Plastics with Drills Equipped with Diamond–Carbide Inserts/Devin, L.M.Stakhniv, M.E. Journal of Superhard Materials, 2020, 42(6), . 409–416. DOI: 10.3103/S1063457620060027
  10. Analysis of Thermobaric Contact Phenomena and Calculation of Temperature Fields during Finish Turning of a VT1-0 Titanium Alloy with a Cutter Equipped with a Diamond Carbide Blade
  11. Devin, L.M.Stahniv, M.E.Mazur, M.P. - Journal of Superhard Materials, 2020, 42(5), . 354–363 DOI: 10.3103/S1063457620050135
  12. The Effect of Charge Grit on Impact Strength and Damping Characteristics of BN–Al Composite Materials. Devin, L.N.Bezhenar, M.P.Rychev, S.V.Romanenko, Y.M. Journal of Superhard Materials, 2020, 42(3), . 190–198. DOI: 10.3103/S1063457620030041

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