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The "ALCON" Concern combines the research institute with production, design and technological, experimental and selling units.

General Director of the "ALCON" Concern Prof. V.Z.Turkevich, Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


"ALCON" produces 100% of the world nomenclature of superhard materials (SHM), turns out in length 5% of the world industry SHM. Main direction of "ALCON" activity is a development of synthesis technologies of different diamond grades, cubic boron nitride, diamond-like perspective materials and films coatings, production of high- dense ceramics, wear-resistant composites of instrumental and functional purposes; creation and instrument production fromdiamonds, hard alloys for abrasive machining, polishing, turning, milling, boring, cutting, drilling of different materials; development of technologies of mechanomachining with instruments of superhard materials, for forming precision complex-profile articles from exclusively percpective surface smoothness; collaboration and production of machines and technological equipments, means and methods of controlling and measuring, certification.

"ALCON" prioritic elaborations at SHM market are providers from synthetic diamonds and cubic boron nitride, pastes, polycristals, diamond segments, detachable circles, diamond and corbide rock destructive cutters, boring crown and chisels , diamond polishing circles on ceramic and organic binders, dressing tools, articles from hard alloys and ceramics, diamond and diamond-like film coatings.

The Concern consists of 13 institutions:

  1. V. Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  2. State self-supporting enterprise, "ALMAZINSTRUMENT"
  3. State Foreign Trade Firm INTER-ISM
  4. State Scientific-Production Enterprise "Tverdosplav"
  5. State Small-Business Scientific-Production and Promotion Enterprise EKMA
  6. State Small-Business Scientific-Production Enterprise LINATEK
  7. State enterprise  "Alcon-Diamant" 
  8. State Enterprise "Engineering - Production Center Alcon" of the NASU
  11. Disease-Prevention Center SLAVUTICH
  12. Holiday Hotel ALMAZ (Crimea)
  13. State Enterprise "Pilot experiment - Mechanical Plant"




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V.Bakul Institute for Superhard materials NASU UKRAINE, 2, Avtozavodskaya Str., Kiev, 04074 Tel/fax (+38 044) 468-86-32; 468-86-25 -mail: