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Annually the Institute carries out on the average up to 60 - 80 research projects, more than 350 technical developments under agreements and contracts with institutions and companies of NIS and other countries. 27 projects are financed by the State Foundation of Science and Technology Programs and the Fundamental Research Foundation as well as by NATO, INTAS, CRDF and Ukrainian Science and Technology Center. For the years of the Institute's activity, the members of its staff have been granted 2743 USSR and Ukrainian as well as 380 foreign patents, 27 licenses for the Institute's developments have been sold abroad. More than 100 books and 5500 papers in the world leading journals by the researchers of the Institute have been published. Monographs of the scientists are published in Japan, China, USA, and France.
The Institute issues the "Sverkhtverdye Materialy" scientific and theoretical journal (6 issues per year), that in cover-to-cover English translation is reprinted by Allerton Press Inc. of USA. Since 1997 the "Instrumentalny Svit" advertising-information journal has been published. The Institute publishes also collections of scientific papers, preprints, etc.
5 international conferences, symposia and exhibitions on superhard materials have been held at the Institute. Every year the Institute scientists participate in international conferences, seminars, symposia, etc., visit world leading scientific centers in Germany, USA, Japan, France, Italy to do joint work and to give lectures.
The Institute has been awarded the "Golden Mercury" (1982) and "Golden Star - Arch of Europe" (1998) International Prizes. Researchers of the Institute have been awarded 20 State Prizes and Prizes in the name of outstanding scientists.
Prof. Nickolay V. Novikov, the Institute's Director, was awarded with American Biographical Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award and The International Biographical Centre Twentieth Century Award for Achievement.
In recent years the Institute is active in developing R & D projects for investments. 5 such projects have been submitted in 1998.

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Polishing tools
Silicon carbide packing rings
Grinding two-layer circles from Superhard materials
Diamond sticks on metallopolymer base for high-productive honing
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