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Journal of superhard materials
Instrumentalny Svit

Journal of Superhard Materials 2, 2000




Production, Structure, Properties

Britun V. F., Kurdyumov A. V., and Petrusha I. A. Crystallographically oriented rBNgBNwBNcBN transformations in pyrolytic BN


Golovchan V. T. Analysis of the applicability of the simplest model of a viscoplastic medium for studying kinetics of densification in sintering of diamond polycrystals


Blank V. D., Nuzhdin A. A., Aksenenkov V. V., Kulnitskii B. A., Belogorokhov A. I., and Klenov V. S. Carbon-nitrogen structures obtained in the electrodischarge process


Kovtun V. I., Vasilkovskaya M. A., and Zaulichny Ya. V. Effect of shock-wave processing on the valence band structure in synthetic diamond powders.


Shulzhenko A. A., Sokolov A. N., Dub S. N., and Belyavina N. N. Crystalline structure and properties of superhard phases formed in the BB2O3gBN system under high pressures and temperatures


Novikov N. V., Ositinskaya T. D., Mikhalenkov V. S., and Chernyashevskii A. V. Study of the charge state of a vacancy in an electron-irradiated type Ia diamond by positron annihilation


Chukhaeva S. I. and Cheburina L. A. Sorption activity of nanodiamonds on cesium


Alfer S. A., Bulgak I. A., Makovetskaya L. A., Rumyantseva I. N., Shempel N. A., and Shipilo V. B. Effect of thermal treatment on strength characteristics of synthetic diamonds


Yakovlev E. N., Antonovich A. A., Kozorezov E. V., and Samorodskii P. N. The use of X-ray computer-aided microtomograph to study the metal catalyst distribution in diamond polycrystals grown from graphite


Koptil V. I. and Zinchuk N. N. The change in diamond properties under natural atomic irradiation


Voznyakovskii A. P., Klyubin V. V., Dolmatov V. Yu., and Agibalova L. V. Structure and sedimentation stability of suspensions of detonation nanodiamonds in nonaqueous liquid media


Bogatyreva G. P., Ishchenko E. V., Marinich M. A., Yatsimirskii A. V., and Gvyazdovskaya V. L., Catalytic properties of Pd, PdAg and Ag applied on diamond submicron powders


Investigation of Machining Processes

Anelchik D. E., Mironenko S. V., and Sazonov I. P. Stress-strain state of surface layers of coated parts in grinding


Shepelev A. A. and Pasichnyi O. O. Procedure of diamond machining of ball-shaped parts of structural ceramics


Tools, Powders, Pastes

Devin L. N. and Gargin V. G. Fine-grained diamond-carbide tool blanks for turning aluminum alloys


Symposia, Conferences, Seminars


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Journal of Superhard Materials 6, 2018

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