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Journal of superhard materials
Instrumentalny Svit

Journal of Superhard Materials 1, 2001



Production, Structure, Properties

Lisovsky A. F. MMI phenomenon: theoretical substantiation and practical application


Dutka V. A. and Pereyaslov V. P. The choice of parameters of structural elements of a technological unit and heating conditions of high-rate electric intering of diamond-containing composites


Bezhenar N. P., Bozhko S. A., Belyavina N. N., and Markiv V. Ya. X-ray studies of cBN powders treated at high pressure and room temperature


Oleinik G. S., Kuzenkova M. A., Danilenko N. V., Fesenko I. P., and Petrusha I. A. Effect of the initial powder dispersion on the formation of the grain structure of AlN polycrystals produced by p,T-sintering


Kulakova I. I. and Rudenko A. P. Chemical state of a diamond surface: the effect on the properties and the role in machining


Romanko L. A., Gontar A. G., Khandozhko S. I., Kutsay A. M., and Gorokhov V. Yu. Special features of charge carrier transfer in a-C:H films


Ostrovskaya L. Yu., Perevertailo V. M., Loginova O. B., Ralchenko V. G., and Dementiev A. P. Wetting of diamond films: effect of surface hydrogenation and oxidation


Sozin Yu. I. and Katsay M. Ya. Kinetics of structural and phase transformations of C60 fullerite at high pressures and temperatures to form amorphous diamond


Investigation of Machining Processes

Tsekhanov Yu. A., Rozenberg O. A., Kuzhba Yu. Kh., and Sheikin S. E. Analysis of the stressed-strained state of a multilayer cylinder in the course of deformation broaching


Shvets S. V. Calculation of cutting conditions


Symposia, Conferences, Seminars


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Journal of Superhard Materials 6, 2018

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